WebGeoDataVore is a GeoSpatial Technology Consultancy and Training Organisation, that specializes in providing Open Sources Desktop and Web Mapping solutions.

Freshly created in 2014 by Thomas Gratier - a GIS specialist – WebGeoDataVore provides a service combining integration of IT (whether Web or Desktop), geospatial mapping and data management.


Making the most of IT best practices by using methodologies such as Agile, WebGeoDataVore analyses your specific requirements, can advises your organisation on technical design and web service architecture requirements to develop a made-to-measure solution that can then be smoothly deployed as needed.


Geo stands for both Geospatial and Geography. It uses a multidisciplinary approach to apprehend your problems and an optimisation the mapping tools and development that find you the right solution.


Data is an important aspect of the work we focus on. We can help find data sets from both open and proprietary sources, automate data processing, analyse and migrate data and create easy to understand data visualisation.

Fuelled by a combination of passion for Geography and enthusiasm for Web and Desktop Development Integration, Thomas Gratier has developed a set of core principles which shape the way he works. He is dedicated to understand what clients require and build fit for purpose solutions. When required, Thomas Gratier can draw expertise from the collective of individuals within his professional network and through the intelligence and research he gathers weekly.

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