We are specialized in Free and Open Source mapping and GIS (Geographical Information System). We have an overview of most libraries and software in our field.

However, we have our privileged tools. Our expertise is mainly related to the following GIS/Geospatial tools. Our training offer covers also the "Open Data" aspects, including OpenStreetMap and tools for making online maps for non-programmers.

OpenLayers version 2 and 3, a library to make online maps


Nowadays, OpenLayers 2 is not recommended for new projects. However, we can help you maintain an existing OpenLayers 2 based application or upgrade to OpenLayers version 3.

We co-authored the book "OpenLayers 3: Beginner's Guide" for Packt Publishing

In this context, we can help you learn how to use Openlayers 3, from basics to advanced applications including the requirements to go to production.

MapServer Suite, generate mapping online services

Mapserver Suite

In fact, MapServer Suite is three tools under the same banner: MapServer to generate mapping images and remote web services from geographic data; TinyOWS, a WFS-T server to edit cartographic data through web services, based on PostGIS database and finally MapCache, a server acting as a proxy to tiles map images to optimise map displaying.

As one of the main contributors to the French MapServer Suite translation, we can help you to learn about these components.

QGIS, the Desktop GIS sofware to create maps as simply as you would use a word processing software


We can assist you in using QGIS, a Desktop GIS software that helps you create your own maps. It is quite easy to use with its rich and powerful GUI. It has a server component you can include to display the same maps styles you have on a desktop.

We have been using it version 0.8 from 2007, and improved our knowledge and expertise of it over the years. We can train you to use it not only for desktop usage, but also for server use and to create Python plugins to extend its functionalities.

PostGIS, the spatial database


PostGIS is the spatial extension to manage spatial data within PostgreSQL, one the leading database management software. It helps to gather data in a central place, automate spatial data processing through SQL, and many more things.

We have been using it for several years and can train you to install it, learn to integrate spatial data and discover how you can benefit from its functionalities.

OpenStreetMap and OpenData, initiatives enabling new mapping usages


We can help you to contribute, to use tools from the ecosystem and reuse the OpenStreetMap rich database. We contributed to translate Switch2OSM to French and we are also an advanced open data user.

If you need to create your own custom OpenStreetMap maps, we can train you.

If you are thinking about how to take into account the Open Data phenomena to apply it to mapping? We can guide you.

Mapping and datavisualisation for non-programmers


We do programming to make projects but some people, without programming skills, need to produce maps.

Hence, we can train you to find data, reuse them for mapping or non mapping purposes using existing tools and display professional graphical visualisations.

No training match with what you are looking for?

Please contact us. We can create on-demand training or advise you about other experts we work with.