Consulting and support

Our role is to assist your organisation with some consultancy in identifying your specific needs, managing your GIS, mapping, geomatic and developing solutions if necessary.

This a short Q & A of the service we can provide to help you.

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Where to start?

If you need to create paper or online maps, but only started to think how to get about it or simply do not yet know where to start, we can help you go through the process.

We can help to identify and clarify your needs. Depending on your case, we will offer to use existing tools or develop a made-to-measure solution. To accompany you through the change, we can deliver tailored training before or after we deliver the final product.

Are you looking for useable data?

You may be seeking for some specific population data to market your products but do not know how to find it. Depending on your needs, we can share with you some tools to find the information you are after. If you don’t have the internal capacity, you can always outsource the work to us.



How do you upgrade from hand produced mapping documents to computerised ones?

Depending on the nature of your needs; either printing or web support, we can assist you to find the right tools, even adapt and personalise them on your behalf.

You already use some geo mapping data but are limited to go further with your projects. Where do you go from there?

We can assess your existing data (format, quality, distribution, structure….) and your GIS software architecture. Then, we can help you to make the right choice such as possible options for organisation, licensing, technology, costs, integration….

How to change from your licensed GIS software that no longer fits your needs?

Depending on your situation, it may be useful to add new software to complement your existing one or to replace it altogether. This can be due to a lack of licence to accommodate a seasonal increase of activity and more staff at work. It can also be due to the limitation of your current software on specific functionality.

We can help you with the transition process, so you can maintain business as usual.

Need a version upgrade ?

WebGeoDataVore can help your advancement, especially if you have existing applications but need to upgrade them to more up-to-date versions. For example, upgrade from OpenLayers 2 to OpenLayers 3 or from MapServer 5.x or 6.x to a more recent version such as MapServer 7.0, etc…

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If you need to create maps or manage some geo data in your organisation, you don't have to employ staff internally.

You can outsource to us for flexibility and freedom. Your budget for the job can be as little or a much as you need. You can use our services on a temporary basis so your costs are kept to a minimum.

We mostly use open source software to keep the costs down. We are highly qualified to deliver quality services.